Star Wars Episode VIII Title is Finally Here and Yes, It's Amazing!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens kicked off the final trilogy in the Star Wars Saga and like most Star Wars movies, had an incredibly awesome title.  

Fast forward two years after that film's release and we are now graced with the official, highly anticipated, and until now, secret title for Episode VIII.

Star Wars: THE LAST  JEDI.

This title was released Monday, January 23rd from Lucasfilm without any further details, leaving fans in utter speculation and with an utmost desire to see the trailer for this movie.

Having grown up with Star Wars and watching them many, many times patterns tend to emerge.  So, although not much has been revealed other than the official title we can probably assume that the second film in this trilogy is, once again, going to shift the power back to the Dark side of the Force. 


No one knows that yet but seeing as there were two Jedi at the end of The Force Awakens, and given this title, we must speculate that one of our beloved heroes will again not be making it to the end of this movie, or will at least not be ending this movie as a hero.  

But which one should we start carving the tombstone out for? 

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away we would be saying that Luke Skywalker would be making it out alive and being the conqueror of all evil, but we have been given a new beacon of hope, Rey (insert whichever last name you think she has here!), portrayed by actress Daisy RIdley, who clearly has some Force wielding abilities and seems to be the new primary protagonist in the Star Wars Universe.  

Only time and trailers will shed more light on this speculation and I for one am extremely excited to see how they go about the marketing campaign for this movie, so far all this hush hush is a great method because it is generating such tension and excitement among the fan base and this just poured a little gasoline onto that fire.

The Last Jedi will begin immediately following The Force Awakens with Rey and Luke on the island, as Rian Johnson has previously confirmed. All the cast from The Force Awakens will be returning, as well as most of those from the original trilogy (except for Harrison Ford *Crying*) and is set to be released December 15th, 2017.