The Flash Returns with 'Borrowing Problems from the Future'


The Flash falls short this week rehashing familiar and heavily used ideas of whether or not time travel should be used to change the past, and now the future.  

With Flashpoint's repercussions still reverberating throughout the DC Television Universe we get to see a little more of the problems that were generated by Barry changing the past.  

This episode focused heavily on Barry's fear that he is going to lose Iris to Savitar, after seeing her death in the future at the end of episode nine.  This inevitably leads him towards pushing the team away so that he could spend more time with Iris and think of a plan to save her from her inevitable doom.  

The problems present in this episode were mainly that it was a repetition of pretty much every Flash storyline, losing Iris, changing the timeline, an easy throwaway villain, Killer Frost coming back out of Caitlyn, and Wally not being ready to be a hero.  Leaving some of these arcs simply tired out in need of being severely updated, or finally retired.  

Although this episode had it's faults in it's story line some of the existential questions that it posed were refreshing, like is the future fixed or is it malleable.  Another refreshing aspect of this show was showcasing some more of the slow motion that we love so much from this show, while also showing different weaponry that seemed to be more of an adversary to Flash and Kid Flash then their wielder.

By the end of the episode I was still ready to get this season back up and running and I hope that this episode was just the Flash's writing team's weakest episode for a while because I am slightly worried that the Flash might fall into the same slump that Arrow fell into.

Ultimately this episode was fun at points and had it's cool moments with the villain Plunder and his weapon but it just was a tired episode that didn't really set up much of a new story with a tangible threat and the DC CW Universe really needs to stop telling people these superheroes secret identities! With a little bit of going back and forth, I would say that this episode of the Flash was...