'Legion' Episode 3 Review: FX's superhero show continues to dazzle with Inception like vibes

Legion: Chapter 3 continues to dazzle with unique storytelling and as always takes us even further into David’s psyche because this episode was all about trying to find out what exactly makes this guy “tick.” 

The team that rescued David continues to find out more information about him (or I should say through him) as they dig deeper into his memories and find out about his past experiences that have made him the way he is today. As they dive further into his mind, not only do they start to retrieve information, but also realize he is capable of more than anyone could imagine, including David himself.

Legion3 (1).jpg

David is truly becoming one of the most complex characters ever put to screen. He is incredibly vulnerable in this episode as he opens up and lets this crew of people he just met explore some of his deepest, darkest secrets and a past that has obviously left him traumatized. But the beauty about this episode is that David doesn’t have to face his demons alone anymore, because it appears the more he opens up, the more the crew can see. (Yes, I’m talking to you “The World’s Angriest Boy in the World” entity).

As mentioned earlier, the complexity of Legion is told in such a fashion that makes it easy for the audience to understand, but forces them to pay attention. The sequences that involve “memories within memories” are well-written, but are conveyed even better through visual storytelling, which is what makes this show shine and separates from anything else on TV right now.

There are still many unanswered questions though, such as the safety of David’s sister and what exactly the motives of her captors are, will David be able to have full control of his powers by the end of the season, who is Lenny and why does she keep popping up all over the place, and what in the world does that scary entity want and why is he so angry?!