'Legion' Episode 4 Review: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go!

Nobody was ready for tonight’s episode of Legion. Somehow it has outdone itself and the show is not even at its halfway point. Wednesday nights have become the new Friday nights because of what Noah Hawley and his creative team are doing with this source material. On a side-note, if the video game Bioshock is ever adapted into a film, call Noah Hawley and let him direct it immediately!



The funny thing about Legion: Chapter 4 is that it starts out very odd. It opens up with a man named Oliver who is marvelously played by the ever so funny Jermaine Clement. Once his character is introduced, a series of strange events begin to unfold in a nonlinear storytelling format that seems to be Noah Hawley’s favorite way of telling this story.



Somehow he is able to keep nonlinear storytelling seem familiar, yet make it his own thing because nearly halfway through this episode, it was the weakest out of the four that have premiered so far. But as soon as the story took a turn, and the visual storytelling kicked in, by the finale it became the best episode yet. Each episode always starts out in a way that is almost incomprehensible, but by the end of each episode everything usually makes sense even though more questions arise out of the character’s situations.


This episode was beautiful to look at with its trippy imagery as David continues further down the rabbit hole into an area called the astral plain, which is where he meets Oliver. Although it is not quite certain who Oliver is and if he even exists, he says something to David that pretty much sums up the entire show. “Remember, not everything is real. It’s only as real as you make it.”


Memory Work is now becoming something that is very familiar and is a much easier concept to grasp because of tonight’s visual storytelling. The visual storytelling also made this episode much easier to follow because how does that old saying go? Showing is much better than telling!It was nice catching up with David’s sister who is still in captivity and finally getting some more insight into who Lenny is and who she was before David went to the hospital. But as always with an episode of Legion, there are still SO many questions that have yet to be answered.