'Legion' Episode 7 Review: The Great Escape!

Legion has not only premiered its best episode yet, but one of the best episodes of television ever created. What a shame that there is still one episode left because there’s almost no way in the world that the finale will be as good as Chapter 7, but this show is full of surprises and who knows what kind of tricks Noah Hawley has up his sleeves?

If Chapter 6 was your least favorite episode thus far, then Chapter 7 will MORE than likely change your opinion because every question you have is probably answered in this episode. In a way, this episode is nothing but exposition because it answers almost every single question the audience has had from the beginning. Who is David? Where did David come from? Where are David and the gang right now? Is Lenny actually the Devil inside David’s mind?

One of the MAJOR highlights of this episode was how stylistic it was. Inspirations drawn from the silent film era and of course, Inception, are seen throughout the entirety of tonight’s episode. It’s tough picking a favorite scene because of how well executed each sequence was. Whether it is Dan Stevens teaching Dan Stevens who he is or the silent film sequence where Aubrey Plaza gives the performance of her career, this episode has a lot to offer. (On a side note, that Charles Xavier impression by Dan Stevens was so satisfying).

Hopefully the season finale is able to come somewhat close to mimicking the greatness displayed in tonight’s episode, and even though it’s highly unlikely, thankfully Noah Hawley is the show runner because if there’s anyone that could top tonight’s episode, it’s him.