'Legion' Episode 6 Review: Through The Mind's Eye

Well, it APPEARED that Legion had its first bad episode, but of course with this show anything can happen within a matter of minutes. After getting to the end, this is definitely the weakest episode thus far, but that’s not really saying much because in the end this episode had multiple layers beneath what was on the surface. 

This entire episode was confusing, to say the least. It almost felt like filler because of how different everything felt. The pacing, performances, and direction felt stagnant, but there’s a reason it felt this way. This episode is extremely difficult to follow and if you’re not up to speed with the current situation and dilemmas these characters are up against, then it’s easy to label this episode as “poor.” 

The psychiatric hospital we came to know and “love” at the beginning of the series is back and better than ever. This time, however, it is a completely different location. It’s a prison setting opposed to an actual hospital. Every character is now a patient at this hospital and the only person that seems to be enjoying himself is David. A lot of this is partially due to the hospital being controlled by “Dr. Lenny” which is completely normal to David because of his friendship with her.

The only person that isn’t buying into this “paradise” is Syd. She has become accustomed to these mind tricks and realizes that something isn’t right. The thing that stands out to her is that there is a bedroom door in the middle of a hallway that is unlike any of the other doors in the hospital. Lo and Behold, behind that door is none other than Lenny, OR “The Devil in the Yellow Eyes.”

Lenny is beginning to take control of the entire show and if she keeps getting her way, then the entire gang is in trouble, especially David. But, again, Aubrey Plaza’s performance in Legion is not to be ignored and she very well could be shown some love at the Emmy’s if she continues to do what she did in this episode. Hopefully the finale doesn’t disappoint!