'Legion' Episode 8 Review: It All Comes Down To This..

It’s incredibly hard to fathom the amount of time that has flown by because Legion: Season 1 has come to an end after a very swift eight weeks. Oddly enough, this was easily the most grounded episode of Legion yet and how fitting for finale night? 

We’ve been so wrapped up in this massive psychological battle inside and outside of David’s head, that The Interrogator from the very beginning of the show didn’t appear to be a threat anymore. One of the great things about this show is how there are, in reality, quite a few villains after David and his team, but the main focus has been about David having to battle his own demons along with the help of his friends. Because after tonight’s episode, it’s obvious that The Interrogator wasn’t much of a threat even though he had the whole Harvey Dent “Two-Face” thing going on. 

Even though this was yet again another solid episode, it was not quite as powerful as last week’s episode. It’s exciting to think about what will happen in Season 2 after witnessing what happened to Oliver and that big cliffhanger AFTER the credits (yes, there was a post-credit scene). It feels silly for saying something negative about this episode of Legion because of how good it ended up being and how solid of a finale it was, but there’s really not an episode in the world that could follow up last week's episode..

Noah Hawley has easily constructed one of the best seasons of television that will go down as iconic if he is able to outdo what he did in the seasons to come, then Legion will truly be remembered as something special (as if it already won’t be after witnessing the madness that ensued throughout these first eight episodes).