Joker Origin Movie Being Developed


Yes, you read that write. Warner Bros is currently developing a standalone origin film that will follow the Joker set in the 80's with a brand new actor portraying the titular character. But it gets even better... The film is being co-written and directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover, War Dogs). ALSO, the movie is being produced by Martin Scorsese.

This is surprising news, but taking a look at Warner Bros/DC's upcoming films, this movie was bound to happen. Whether you're excited about this news or not, the people involved in this project behind the camera is quite intriguing. Todd Phillips is known for his comedic movies, but his latest feature War Dogs was more along the lines of a drama with comedic moments, or as one would call it a "dramedy."

Not much else is known about the feature or who will even take over the role of playing the Joker, but the script is in the process of being written by Phillips and Scott Silver. Perhaps Phillips could approach Miles Teller who he recently collaborated with on War Dogs or maybe he has someone else in mind. Let the speculation begin!