Disney's Live-Action Casting Has Been Announced!

D23 has been pounding out footage after footage of all their upcoming films! However, between the bombardments of footage, an announcement regarding the new live-action Aladdin movie was made!

Mena Moussad is our new Aladdin! This may come as a surprise to many because just a few days ago, Disney announced that they were struggling to find the perfect actor to play the iconic character. Disney was really striving to find someone completely unknown or at least relatively unknown and they have finally succeeded in doing so!

Naomi Scott will be portraying Princess Jasmine! After starring in the rebooted Power Rangers movie, Disney must have been impressed with her performance and her ability to lead a film.

Last, but certainly not least, Will Smith has been confirmed to portray the Genie! This news was met with mixed reception when it was first announced, but it is a much different approach and hopefully it pays off for them. Plus, Smith is typically able to draw in large crowds for his films and if you add that with the Disney logo, you’re bound for success!