Is Ben Affleck Quitting Batman?

Rumors have been swirling around Hollywood for months that Ben Affleck has wanted out of playing the role of Batman after the critical failure of Batman V Superman. The rumors continued to grow after Ben Affleck dropped out of directing "The Batman" and the unfortunate failure of his latest directorial effort, "Live By Night."

Apparently the rumors are indeed true. After Justice League, we may never see Ben Affleck as The Batman ever again. This might surprise some fans of DC because this news is coming in just a few months before the release of the highly-anticipated "Justice League." Also, the new director of "The Batman," Matt Reeves, had said that he planned on using Affleck to play the masked vigilante for his iteration of the film. 

Apparently Geoff Johns and other creators are trying to figure out how to write Affleck out and introduce a new actor in as Batman in one of the upcoming DC films. This is not only sad news for Batman fans, but for DC fans in general because things were finally starting to look up for them after the massive success of Wonder Woman. Hopefully this mess is solved quickly and Affleck manages to stay, but if not, at least Matt Reeves has some say in it and that is comforting after seeing his latest directorial effort, "War for the Planet of the Apes."