Injustice 2 Official Story Trailer is Finally Here!


Injustice: Gods Among us was one of my favorite video games to come out back in 2013 and I have bee craving a sequel ever since then.  The Mortal Combat like style mixed with some of my favorite DC Comics heroes and villains made for an incredibly enjoyable game that could be played and replayed countless times, with a similar level of enjoyment every time.  

We are now getting the sequel that we deserve and will be able to see another story in this Injustice Universe allowing for what seems like a grittier story with Brainiac as the villain pitting heroes and villains up against each other blurring the lines of what our notions of good and bad are seen as.  

This trailer gives us our first look at the main villain, Brainiac, and he feels like he is pulled straight out of the comics.  This game will allow people to customize their heroes, hence the logo "Every Battle Defines You," adding a layer to the gameplay that was so enjoyable in the first game.

Needless to say I am incredibly excited to see where the story of this game goes and how this updated gameplay will look when the finished game comes out on May 16, 2017.