Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer is Here


Welp I did not have any idea I would be waking up and seeing the first Teaser Trailer for Thor Ragnarok today and I did so this week is starting off just swimmingly!  As you all know, Thor was no where to be found during the events that transpired in Captain America Civil War and although his absence was noted it looks like we are going to be getting a Thor movie that we have all been waiting for this since this character has been introduced to the Marvel Universe. 

This trailer starts off looking very ominous with showing Thor dangling in chains and then Mjornir getting absolutely crushed by his new nemesis Hela, played by Cate Blanchett.  This is the first time Marvel has really given us a primary woman antagonist and she does look like a formidable foe for the God of Thunder and this trailer really makes me want to see more of what her character has to offer.  

Then the trailer takes a book out of seemingly every superhero movie nowadays and lays in a fun old school rock hit.  This time Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song is brought to the table and it is the absolute perfect fit for what this movie seems like it is going to be.  It makes this trailer rock out and just adds a whole lot of fun to the trailer.

Thor is hammer-less and Asgard is in peril, with Loki off doing some devious shit (per the order of any Thor movie ever created).  And then we are brought with Thor to Jeff Goldblum, (HAHAHAHAHA silver goatee) AKA the Grandmaster and get our first glimpse at what appears to be gladiator games that Thor will be thrust into.


At the very end of the trailer we see that Thor is going up against the Hulk in a gladiator match.  This has to be the funniest part of the entire trailer as Thor thinks that just because Thor knows Hulk, Hulk will be taking it easy on him and join forces in a rip roaring fight through the stadium to escape.  But obviously that is not going to happen.  And we now know that Planet Hulk will be a side story in this film and that is something that comic book nerds have been wanting for a very very long time.  

I can not wait to see what they do with this film I am a little nervous that they are smashing ( no pun intended) a Planet Hulk movie with a Thor Ragnarok movie and I hope that it does not suffer from a limited run time that causes some of the character development to be waved to the side (Looking at you Age of Ultron).  But if that is not the case and we get a great movie that has elements of both in it I will be completely down to see a Thor movie that is just big dumb and fun as the character of Thor should be.  

This trailer had a vibe that was very similar to Guardians of the Galaxy and I feel like this is the way that they should have approached Thor from the very beginning and I think that the key to this character as a whole is to not take him too seriously because he is a bit over the top.  It is known that Doctor Strange will make an appearance in this film and seeing as we did not see much Earth in this trailer I wonder if that means that the good Doctor will be travelling to space as well leading to even more ties to Infinity War.  

Only time will tell but this trailer did its job and made me incredibly excited to see what is to come in this Thor movie and might have made me slightly more excited than the Spider-man Homecoming trailer!  

What did you guys think of the trailer and of this review? Let us know in the comment section below and which Thor movie has been your favorite so far? (Yeah sure you can include the Avengers movies too!)